The dream is finally realised.

Last updated : 27 May 2003 By Dave Burgess

It’s taken me over a day to finally take in what happened yesterday down in South Wales.

I’m sure like many others I thought I’d wake up this morning and discover, to my horror, that it was all a beautiful dream.

I don’t think you could have written a piece of fiction any better.

Everything finally went our way. Sheffield United’s name certainly wasn’t ever in the 3rd promotion place.

It was a whirlwind start even before the first goal. Wolves came out of the blocks roaring and caught United on the back foot. We seemed to have 15 players on the pitch at times in ‘THAT’ first half. Whenever there was a loose ball, there were at least 2 or more players battling to get it back for us.

The goals were superbly executed and I think that we, as much as the fans in red and white were awestruck at half time. However, I don’t think that the
realisation and belief sunk in until 5 minutes before the end. It would have been far too dreadful to have become carried away with it and then be smacked in the face like last season. The first rendition of ‘The Wolves are going up’ was half-hearted just in case it jinxed us!

Realistically the game was dead and buried at half time. Neutrals have commented that it was a shame that it wasn’t more exciting. Believe me those lucky enough to be in the wonderful Millennium Stadium didn’t want any more excitement. My heart beat was twice its normal level, and that was before any of the goals were scored!

I kept working out how many goals United had to score each x minutes to equalise. Paul Butler tried to make it more interesting by conceding a penalty after just 2 minutes after the restart. However, the wonderful Matt Murray showed just why he’s going to go far in the game with yet another superb stop. When Murray turned Tonge’s free kick onto the post and Page blasted the rebound over the bar I was laughing as I knew they weren’t going to ever score, destiny was to be ours.

Everyone played to the peak of their game. Andy Gray had said in the pre-match build up that we possessed the ‘big game’ players and the likes of Irwin, Ince, Kennedy and Blake performed
like heroes. However, even those with less experience played with a passion, commitment, resolve, professionalism etc. that was out of this world. All I asked for before the game was that we played as well as we could and if we lost, so be it. However, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine all 11 would perform like that.

I’d sensed it was going to be our day when in the pre-match entertainment the Sheffield United fans didn’t seem up for it. I think after so many disappointments, Wolves fans were more of the mindset to enjoy the day and see what came our way.

Fantastic, life long memories of the fans faces and the obvious player’s enjoyment will stay with me and make me smile forever when life is quiet.

To those lucky enough to get into the ground it was just an amazing way to announce our arrival into the promised land. I’m pretty sure that those many Wolves fans spread around this country and worldwide will have enjoyed it just as much. I’ll be able to say to everyone “I was there”.

It’s a moment to
savour forever, there is nothing more I can add or explain in mere words alone.

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