It's a final showdown with the Blades.

Last updated : 16 May 2003 By Dave Burgess

When Forest went 2-0 up last night I thought, for the 90 seconds it took Brown to score, that we’d get to avoid Neil Warnock in the final.

However, as soon as Brown lined up for the free kick I knew he was going to score. After that there was only one team going to win the game.

Now we are going to have to beat Wolves’s best mate, the man who always has a good word to say about us – not!

In a thoroughly entertaining match, far removed from our tie at Reading, it was hard to believe the pace of the game with so much at stake.

I felt sorry for Des Walker. He’d played magnificently at the back all night then pops up with the own goal to end Forest’s hopes. The Sky TV pictures of the fans told it’s own story of the importance of the game.

I had predicted the final. If we are going to get to the Premiership team then we are going to have to do it the hard way.

We know all about United have recently fought out a 3-3 draw with them at Bramhall Lane at the end of April. We fielded a slightly different team to the one that will line up in Cardiff but it will give both managers some food for thought as to how to approach the game.

Let’s just hope that having been allocated the same end as Birmingham last year, that we get the same result.

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