2 hours and 23 minutes on the phone but…

Last updated : 08 May 2003 By Dave Burgess

By the time the Wolves ticket office number finally rang I thought I was dreaming it.

I, like so many others, bombarded the switchboard for hours, relentlessly re-dialing the number in the vein hope of getting through and purchasing one of the 1,100 on offer to phone callers.

I almost expected the response ‘Sorry, I’ve just sold the last one’ but no, £20 later, and I’ve now got to plan how I get down to Reading from Manchester next Wednesday afternoon.

The official website states that all tickets were sold by 10.50pm last night however, bulletin boards reveal people getting tickets this morning.

What is sure is that Wolves fans are 100% behind their team’s efforts as they try, once again, to secure that coveted place in the Premiership.

Given the fact that Saturday is a certain home area sell-out and we’ve had record attendances this season, Wolves fans are more than ever hopeful of the jackpot.

However, there is a more low key approach being taken to the play-offs this year.

Wolves were the team to be shot at last season but it’s all on an even par this season which means no one is getting too worked up about things as of today.

Let’s just hope that by 7.30pm on Saturday evening, we have one foot in the play-off final at Cardiff, to reward all the many loyal fans up and down the country.

Come on the Wolves!

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